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Direct Dispatch LLC is a new brand in the aviation services business, which emerged in April 2020, but nevertheless our team is as a group of professionals with many years of experience in aviation business, hard working and always ready for new challenges people.

Our offer is mainly operational flight dispatch both for commercial aviation companies and private aircraft owners and also training courses for flight dispatcher licence. As an extremely flexible organization we are able to undertake many other, nonstandard tasks. Our company is eager to be valued not only for our knowledge and professionalism, but also for our approach towards Customers. We wish not to be one of many “factories” producing standardized “products” for aviation, but rather always try to establish a bond with our Customers to be able to fulfill their individual, unorthodox expectations.

With best regards,
Filip Maliszewski (CEO)



Our dispatchers are hugely experienced both in IFR, as well as in VFR flight planning, private and commercial, almost in any part of the world, including long haul planning, also according to EDTO requirements.

Planning and monitoring of flight operations

We work with variety of flight planning software tools – we are able to quickly convert to a software preferred by a Customer. We provide weather forecasts analysis and its continuous monitoring and we prepare notam bulletins analysis. We analyze take-off and landing performance and prepare weight and balance calculations. We monitor a flight from take-off till landing managing continuously ATC slots, delays and necessary re-routings.

Fuel arrangement

Our contacts and experience allow us to organize refueling in optimal way from operational point of view, at possibly lowest for a Customer prices, also on credit, if a Customer holds no fuel carnets.

Ground services arrangement

We always take into account Customer’s preferences for a ground handling agent, but also, whenever needed, our team’s experience allows us to arrange handling services being a reasonable give-and-take between costs and quality. By Customer’s wish we arrange also additional services as VIP service, limousine transfers or catering according to chosen menu.

Flight permissions arrangement

Many parts of the airspace require prior authorization of overflying or landing. Thanks to our experience we are able to organize, if particular type of operation requires this, appropriate permissions, airport slots or PPR.

Services for flight crews

Up to Customer’s wish we are ready to take care of crew positionings, both by air and ground, hotel accommodation, crew roster planning and flight time monitoring.

Personal data distribution

Public safety requirements impose requirements on air traffic for sharing personal data of passengers and crew with designated authorities. Our Company distributes entrusted data wherever this is required, with regards to requirements of the general data protection regulation (GDPR).

Commercial calculations

Thorough costs analysis is a basic thing for any commercial enterprise. We are well experienced in preparing calculations of flight time, fuel usage, handling and navigation costs, but also, when necessary, we obtain pro-forma invoices for prepayments.

Payments on Customer’s behalf

Thanks to our broad contacts we are able to organize handling, refueling, necessary permissions and services on credit, in order to at most ease our Customer during performing a flight.



Flight dispatcher course

Direct Dispatch LLC has applied for a CTO (Certified Training Organization) certificate allowing for organization of training courses starting from theory basics, through practical training in real operations department and until gaining a flight dispatcher licence. Often a dispatcher’s licence is only a first step on a career path in aviation, since gained knowledge and experience allow for comprehensive progress in this demanding, yet fascinating business.


Poleczki 23
02-822 Warsaw, Poland

+48 22 462 40 11  (OCC)

+48 690 000 747 (Sales)

+48 22 270 26 85


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